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Sprouted in 2015 from a humble beginning, Bhoomi Organics garden shop has grown to become Bhoomi Garden Centre, a bigger facility with more offerings of many innovative garden products to the green thumbs !!! Bhoomi Garden Centre has a broad and unique range of garden products, which are innovative and elegant. The products cover a wide variety of natural materials including, bamboo derivatives, cocofiber derivatives, recycled home goods, recycled plastics and other such natural or recyclable materials. The shop also provides a wide range of plastic, FRP, roto moulded, ceramic, clay pots. We also provide services in developing house gardens, terrace gardens, balcony gardens, kitchen gardens, terrariums and professional maintenance of gardens. Apart from using ingenuity in use of materials and their application, Bhoomi has also devised unique programs to reach out to its consumers across age groups, like conducting regular programs to all enthusiasts in gardening and to anyone who would like to make their hands dirty in the mud.

We have been associated with many organizations to spread the message of terrace and balcony gardening in and around Bangalore. We enthusiastically follow “back to the nature” adage by composting our home wet waste and helping the communities with the knowledge and technology to compost and save the city from filth. So being at HSR neighborhood in Bangalore, We provide one stop solution to all your gardening needs. We sell all gardening products like cocopeat, peat moss, organic manure and fertilizers, tools, pot and planters, seeds and varieties of plants. We also provide the plants on hire to the corporate and offices. While we provide best services, drop in so we can meet, talk, discuss and share our knowledge in a serene environment at our store.

Bhoomi Garden History

What we really do

We are driven by our passion to promote sustainability as a feasible way of life.We are devoted to cultivating a community of gardeners who are as passionate about gardening as we are and hand holding those who are not yet fully convinced, to dive deep into the green world with us.

Our Vision

At Bhoomi Garden, we promote sustainability as a way of living. We are devoted to build a better environment and a responsible community of people who gets to give back their share to Mother Nature.

How we do

We create green spaces, both indoors and outdoors. We are here to make the concrete jungle, we call home, a greener and more sustainable space through customized gardening solutions.

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