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Seaweed Granules for Plants


100% Natural & Organic Fertilizer derived from Red & Brown Algae.
Increases productivity & quality of plants by inhancing the metabolic function of the plant.
Improves soil health by activating soil microbial population. Works as a good soil conditioner
Provides Stress tolerance & resistance against various Diseases, Dry Conditions and Extreme Weather

Length : 18 cm
Width : 9 cm
Height : 30 cm
Weight : 1 kg
Material : Seaweed Granules
Color : Brown to black

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The Advantages of Seaweed granules :- Increases and stimulates beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Improves soil structure & helps to increase nutrient uptake, Helps plants cope with various stress, such as heat, drought and frost. Promotes seed germination and reduces transplant shock. Stimulates root development and promotes vigorous flowering and fruiting. Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor plants. Over 60 naturally occurring macro and micronutrients Activates soil microbial population and improves soil health.

With Bhoomi’s Seaweed Extract Avoid synthetic fertilizer’s or fertilizer’s made from animal products, Naturally Green Seaweed Extract provides useful source of potassium, magnesium and trace elements. Seaweed and seaweed fertilizer’s are sustainable, renewable resource. Seaweed is rich in trace elements (nutrients that plants only need small amounts of) including iron, manganese, zinc, copper and boron,.


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