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  • Ensures 100 % Germination Of Seeds, Roots And Cuttings With Very Little Watering
  • Sudden Death Of Seedlings Is Thwarted Since Vermiculite Is Sterile And The Seedlings Are Easily Removed Without Damage To The Roots Thereby Reducing The Pricking-Out Losses.
  • Retains Air, Plant Nutrients And Moisture Releasing Them To Plant As And When Required. Promotes Faster Root Growth And Gives Good Anchorage To Young Roots
  • Maintains Vigorous Growth Of Flowers, Potted Plants And Vegetable Gardens, Increases 30-50 % Productivity, Quality Of Produce And Therefore More Profit.
  • Conserves Water, Reduces Water Demand And Saves On Frequent Irrigation. Light In Weight, Easy To Handle And Easily Mixes With Soil, Coir Pith, Peat, Compost, Manures, Etc.
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Vermiculite can be used alone or in a potting mix for improved seed germination. Utilizing vermiculite for this purpose will see seedlings develop more quickly. If used alone, add only a small amount of water so as not to overwhelm the seeds.The vermiculite will release the moisture to the seedlings as and when they need it. You should also add a few drops of weak fertilizer once leaves appear on the seedlings, to substitute nutrients which would ordinarily be supplied by the soil. When the seedlings are ready to be planted outside, they can easily be removed from the vermiculite without damage to the roots and potted on.


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